Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hardstuff - The Hulk

Over the last couple of years... basically since I moved to NY in early 2009, I started working on this animated music video for the Hulk song I wrote and recorded with my buddies back in SF and Berkeley.

When I moved to NYC, I enrolled in the continuing ed program at SVA to take some lessons in storyboarding and animation. that semester culminated in the beginning of this music video. Initially drawn by hand on paper and a light disk, I scanned the pages and inked them in flash while at my internship at World Leaders producing Venture Brothers. From there, I moved away from drawing on paper, to drawing on the Cintiq.

In my free time for the last 2 years, I would add a scene, finish another and solicit my friends for they're ideas of Hulk Smashing. The goal was to have the Hulk represented in many styles, as comics are often drawn and stylized by many artists. Although I didn't get as many submissions as I had liked, some of my good friends did come though for me.

As I moved closer to finishing the project, both my skills as a layout artist and animator improved. I focused mostly on the character layout and animation while the backgrounds didn't get as much love as I would have liked. although, I did get some instrumental help early on on the BG's from my good friend John Latham.

This is the first animated short I've produced in full. Currently I am gearing up for another music video, however I hope it won't take 2 years to post it on this blog.

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