Saturday, April 9, 2011

Robotomy Vs Horrorbots

In October 2009, I worked as a character designer on a show, tentatively called "Horrorbots" with Superjail! creator, Christy Karacas. I worked with a few other very talented individuals all around... BG design team was solid. the board guys and gals were great. the color team was rad. the show looked great.

we ran into a few snags here and there. we couldnt use "Horrorbots" as the title, because apparently Marvel owns the word or suffix "bots". The production landed on the name "Robotomy".

All in all, I think the show screened well, but alas, like many shows, this one didnt get picked up for a second season.

Here are some of the designs I contributed to the show.

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