Friday, July 30, 2010

the Hidden World

I have been working on some concepts for a new game here at work. These are sketches for "relics" which your character would seek throughout the game and add to your treasure library... or whatever it will be called. I have been doing a bit of research for these pieces, however, some are simply made up from scratch.

This is the fun part, because I am given a lot of freedom in style, and accuracy, which will eventually have to be refined.

Da Boz

The other day I was talking to Christy over at Titmouse and he shared with me an idea he had of some bad dudes based on a football athlete-turned-actor from the '80s. being a fan of this idea, i made some "fan art". Lo, and behold...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dino Bones...

These sketches/designs were created for one of the set of props for the project I am currently working on (and almost finished with.) We really liked how the T-rex came out from a previous set, so we decided to expand into a subset of dinobones.

I designed these with some photo reference off the web and added a little bit of exaggeration into the proportions and, of course, a little costume "flair".

Friday, July 9, 2010

More Backup Characters

Some More of these characters i sketched out...

Backup Musician character sketches

As part of my current assignment, I was tasked with designing and creating some Back-up stage characters... mostly musicians and dancers.

This trio of Mariachi characters, I felt were fun to draw. I looked at some mariachi pictures for inspiration, though designed the characters from imagination. Aside from the oversized head and cartoon proportions, they're pretty much straight characters.

At first this octopus was more realistic, then I added the grin to give it a little twist, and it turn it into a cartoon.

I borrowed colors from Transor-Z for this robot drummer.

This cow went through many renditions before reaching this current one (and a few since, I think). At first he was designed after Will Farrel in a very famous "needs more cowbell" skit, though it was clear that the cow needed to go in a different direction.

The Idea for this bear was simple, influenced by Disney's Country bears. he went through a couple renditions, the first was closer to the Disney bear, and had quite a boring pose. I was unhappy with the pose and so this one came about. I did borrow the colors from one of the Country bear concept illustrations, only I pulled much of the saturation out of it.

As for the mantis, he first was playing a Sax, though the tuba was added, probably because there already was a sax playing ghost, and a tuba has a fun shape.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Sometimes at work, I get inspired to just throw in an original idea of my own after trucking through the list of assets assigned. I thought a rocking gnome would be funny for the project i was working on last week. So much so, that I researched some ZZ-Top images and some gnome images and with that as inspiration, sketched this guy out in Photoshop.

I thought I would give him the furry ZZ-Top guitar, but decided to go with the slick red guitar instead. I threw in some gator skin boots last of all. I think i adjusted some of the proportions in the final Flash render which exaggerates certain features, but I like the sketchy quality captured with photoshop best.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

more mini ipod paintings with brushes

i bought a pen for my ipod last week, and im not quite happy with it. they were really cheap (3 for $5) so i am not too disappointed... what I don't like about the stylus is that the nub is made of rubber, so it provides a lot of friction.

it seems to work best when the nub is wet, which aint gonna fly. also, the resolution on the brushes app is still quite limited on the ipod. understandable, considering the relative size i am working on. I cannot wait until the ipad evolves enough for me to justify buying one. this it truly the wave of the future digital artist.

I did just order an icooly pen which theoretically should work much better, as it has a brush for a nib... therefore should provide little friction at all. I am a little skeptical with the nib size as its still quite large and might provide some inaccuracy when drawing fine details.

I will post again after i test it out.