Thursday, July 1, 2010

more mini ipod paintings with brushes

i bought a pen for my ipod last week, and im not quite happy with it. they were really cheap (3 for $5) so i am not too disappointed... what I don't like about the stylus is that the nub is made of rubber, so it provides a lot of friction.

it seems to work best when the nub is wet, which aint gonna fly. also, the resolution on the brushes app is still quite limited on the ipod. understandable, considering the relative size i am working on. I cannot wait until the ipad evolves enough for me to justify buying one. this it truly the wave of the future digital artist.

I did just order an icooly pen which theoretically should work much better, as it has a brush for a nib... therefore should provide little friction at all. I am a little skeptical with the nib size as its still quite large and might provide some inaccuracy when drawing fine details.

I will post again after i test it out.

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