Friday, July 9, 2010

Backup Musician character sketches

As part of my current assignment, I was tasked with designing and creating some Back-up stage characters... mostly musicians and dancers.

This trio of Mariachi characters, I felt were fun to draw. I looked at some mariachi pictures for inspiration, though designed the characters from imagination. Aside from the oversized head and cartoon proportions, they're pretty much straight characters.

At first this octopus was more realistic, then I added the grin to give it a little twist, and it turn it into a cartoon.

I borrowed colors from Transor-Z for this robot drummer.

This cow went through many renditions before reaching this current one (and a few since, I think). At first he was designed after Will Farrel in a very famous "needs more cowbell" skit, though it was clear that the cow needed to go in a different direction.

The Idea for this bear was simple, influenced by Disney's Country bears. he went through a couple renditions, the first was closer to the Disney bear, and had quite a boring pose. I was unhappy with the pose and so this one came about. I did borrow the colors from one of the Country bear concept illustrations, only I pulled much of the saturation out of it.

As for the mantis, he first was playing a Sax, though the tuba was added, probably because there already was a sax playing ghost, and a tuba has a fun shape.

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