Sunday, June 12, 2011

Superjail! Character Layout "Best Friends Forever"

"Best Friends Forever" was the first episode of season 2 that was animated entirely in NYC. It was the 3rd episode we produced at Titmouse. Throwing this episode into the season 2 premiere was somewhat of a curveball for the fans. It was a statement decrying we were taking season 2 in a different direction. Some of the fans accepted this direction, while others did not. I had a blast working with Christy and the rest of the Superjail crew and wait patiently for news of season 3. here are some of my layouts from "Best Friends Forever".

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  1. I really enjoy the style of animation this show captures. It is a little rough, and really gory, but always funny. I was so happy when I saw that this show was added to Dish Online because I usually miss out. I work for Dish Network and go to school so my schedule is pretty busy. Half of the time I forget to set my DVR timers up for the shows I like. That's why I like using Dish Online when I miss a new episode. If you want you should check it out just go to and take a look around!