Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zany Props

Over the last two weeks, I had to create some "zany" props and characters for this Flash project I have been working on. This is my round of sketches. Some of these are my ideas but most were brainstormed with my creative directors.

by far, this was the more enjoyable part of the job... sketching and coloring. The Flash renders are far more finished pieces, but way more tedious to put together with can really burn one out. However, there are edits that are easier to accomplish in flash like proportions for example... heads can be re-sized to make it more exaggerated, and poses can be (and were) manipulated.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Recently, a few factors came together leading to this post.

Firstly, I got on the touch screen bandwagon and bought an iPod touch.

Naturally as an artist, I took interest in the drawing apps. After downloading sketchbook mobile, I heard and read a story about some magazine cover illustrated in Brushes.

I immediatly downloaded this app to test it out.

This is my first foray into iPod art. I find fingerpainting a bit clumsy and anticipate the delivery of some touch pens from amazon. Hopefully this will improve the experience.

So for now, this is what I have managed from the Brushes app.

Now all i have to figure out is how to post images onto this blog using my ipod????

i will figure it out myself, however if you have any tips, or know-how you'd like to share, I would be very thankful.