Thursday, September 2, 2010

Venture Brothers Season 4.2 Arrives Sept. 12th

Well, the long-ish awaited return of the rest of Venture Brothers season 4 premieres on September 12.

I believe I had a hand in this first episode. Actually I was all over the place on this episode, if memory serves correctly.

I participated in paneling for the storyboard team, inking for the character/prop design team, and built some of the flash "tonals" for the background design team.

I hope I can post some of that stuff once the episode airs.

Here are some sketches i did last year to commemorate my time as an intern on Venture Brothers....


  1. These are AWESOME! I <3 Venture Brothers!

  2. Fantastic work! Especially the first one. I love their expressions and your use of monochrome.

    Hope you don't mind this getting posted on Tumblr? With a link back to your blog, of course.