Monday, November 30, 2009

Hobo Hammers

A few weeks ago, I saw a hobo on the street...

(actually, i am not sure if he was an actual hobo, but he was sitting on a milk crate next to a street table with misc. junk for sale... and again, i am not sure what his actual relationship with this table was, but i just assumed he was a hobo by the looks of him.... anyway...)

...and i thought he had a pretty striking outfit. i put the combo to memory hoping to get some free time at work to sketch him out. Well, i didnt... but a few days later, i remembered him and did have some time to doodle.

i cant remember exactly what the guys face was like, though i think he had a hobobeard. it didnt matter, what mattered was the hood and vest combo which was striking, as the hood's drawstring was pulled firm about his face and his vest zipped up as he huddled on a milk crate.

this here be my homage to said hobo...

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